Fall Baby – Maternity Session

I came into contact with Debbie through here sister-in-law Katie.  While at Drew and Elaine’s wedding  we were talking about different photos and I got to talking about how I really wanted to try out a maternity photo shoot.  Let me tell you I certainly lucked out.

At first Debbie and I were warming up to each other and trying to fully wake up as it was 8:00 in the morning. This being my first one I tried many things that were both fun, and enjoyable. Debbie and I had many laughs throughout the day even though the rain forced us inside we were able to capture her baby bump!

Debbie also had some ideas of her own and had things ready for the day… Here is what Debbie came up with! (PS I love it when my subjects get creative)

Farming is a part of Debbie and her husband’s life that I had to bring in the tractor to the picture. As soon as I did this Debbie stated that with this she is feeling like the baby will be a boy… I think we will soon find out!

Thanks again Debbie for allowing me to spend an early dreary fall morning with you. I had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs!

Congratulations again to Debbie, all the best when baby Schneider arrives.

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