Drew and Elaine – Engaged

I thought that as there are only 3 weeks until I get the opportunity to photograph my first full wedding I should post about the lovely couple.

I have been friends with the Williams family for many years, as our parents are friends. So I was quite honored when Drew and Elaine messaged me and asked me if I would photograph their wedding.  I said yes, and we started on this journey together.

One Saturday afternoon close to thanksgiving, I headed out to Drew’s farm. These two decided that they would like their engagement photos taken at Drew’s home. The Williams farm is very picturesque and I have used it many times for family photos.   We decided on a morning photo shoot as most of the weekend had been cloudy and rainy but as we started photos the beautiful sunshine came out creating a little bit of a challenge.

It was great to meet Elaine as well, she is such a relaxed individual. It was great to know Drew so well as it helped to get some good photos of the two of them interacting with each other.  Drew is very much into hockey and from talking with Elaine skating was part of their lives when they first started dating.  At the farm the Williams had an old hockey net that the boys (and Tara) used when they were younger. We used the net for some pictures.

I am so excited to shoot the wedding in September and Elaine and I had a fabulous day getting to know each other better and searching for the right location for photos on wedding day. Many laughs were had and I am very excited!

Please enjoy a small preview of the engagement photos!

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