It’s Fun being Four!!

Yesterday I had a fabulous day of photography. I started off the day with a trip to St. Catherines to visit with Elaine and look for locations for their wedding photos in September.  We had a great day, it was hot but we checked out many locations and finally found one that will work!

From there I drove back to Waterloo to my cousins where I met up with Audrick, and my cousins.  It just so happened that it was Audric’s 4th Birthday. So what does a photographer do with this information I pull out my camera.  These are the cutest little pictures hope you enjoy them!!!

At the end of the night we got into the ice cream.  How many different faces do you think 1 Four year old can make while eating it…. TOO many!!! Here are a few of my faves.

Thanks for the fun Audric!

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