Special Memories

It is not every day that you have the opportunity to hear back from a client knowing that your photos have now created more meaning in their lives.  I have had families very appreciative of their photos, but have never had the experience of knowing that the photos I have taken are a special part of their lives.

Back in June I received a message from Katie, whom is a friend of mine about pictures I did when I was first starting out. I was asked to capture family photos for her parents 25th anniversary. I had a super time with this photo shoot and it was my first “real” job.   The message read:

Nicole. we had to put our little dog Mindy to rest last week. The photos you took for mom and dads anniversary had so many great ones of her! it is so great to have ones of her that were so well done of her in her good days! Thanks so much! ….Katie

I am glad that these photos are something that the family can treasure forever.  Thanks again to the Rozendals for letting me capture special memories for you.

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